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Updated: Apr 1

Let's start with Brandee:

Brandee worked at Coliseum from the beginning! She sat lonely with only the Owner (Peter) and a few family members for their first NYE celebration in 2006.

Fast forward a few years and The Coliseum became a staple in downtown FDL. Brandee spearheaded both the additions of the upperdeck as well as the Annex- but we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves now.

Join us in 2009 when Sarah came into the picture. Brandee hired Sarah as a server and immediately resented her sarcastic personality. Oh well.

Brandee and Sarah began working side by side over the years, learning from each other and growing with the Coliseum. Brandee began a beautiful family (twins for her first pregnancy... wow!) and eventually Sarah would take over the Management role.

Brandee and Sarah both left the Coliseum and industry itself for a while. Sarah went to explore various opportunity is Sales and Financing while Brandee got her degree in cosmetology and went into Aesthetics. After a few years of not speaking to each other, somehow they ended up back together.

Secretly (for about 2.5 days) they discussed opening a place of their own.

And now you're caught up!

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