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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The Trinity building "fell" into the laps of Brandee and Sarah. Fun fact: they were originally looking at a few other places before Trinity.

Once Trinity came into play- Brandee and Sarah sat down to come up with the idea of what we will all know and love as The Cellar District.

What does FDL need? What will people in FDL enjoy? How can we grow our community?

Coffee, breakfast and 45 min later, The Cellar District was born.

The Cellar District name came about from a few things. Brandee and Sarah knew they wanted to keep everything local, Wisconsin based. A wine/beer cellar if you will. District means sense of community which Brandee and Sarah have always had. Between going to city events such as city council meetings or volunteering with the FDL Fire Department and Ruby's Pantry, they have always taken a sense of pride within the FDL community.

After a few weeks of planning, research and a couple of small arguments, an article was found. Originally the building was built in 1921 and 90% of the material as well as labor came from the FDL area. Look at that- our local idea was reinvented to 2021!

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